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Partington Press Launches Today

Great news for everyone in the Partington area of Manchester, you have a dedicated online news service providing news that matters to you and your area.

We would welcome contributers so please get in touch, we want people to be involved, share your stories with us and of course any pictures and if acceptable we will publish.

I am the editor I lived in Partington for almost a decade and know what it is like in the area, all my family live their and have made some good pals along the way, I was in the area when the old shopping centre was still up and was always in the library chatting with staff and going on the computers.

Many outsiders are just not with reality about what Partington is all about, sure their are problems like anywhere but the postive sides shine through and we aim to provide a service that is dedicated to helping the area through good and bad times, we will keep you up to date with future plans and events where known,

We need your help to keep us informed also, so please use the contact us link.

Lastly I hope you all enjoy this website, we are here for the long term and spread the word.

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